Monday, May 05, 2008


I'm sitting up later than I should, eking out the last of the warmth from the fire.  It feels like a satisfying day.  I got two consents finished up, actually answered some people's questions on the duty planner line, cooked a really yummy tea, washed the dishes and mastered the lace pattern on my latest scarf.  I know, it's not exactly the high life, but it is what I would like my life to look like.  If I'd done some yoga and been for a walk.  

I love yoga, I must do some properly soon. 

I need to go to bed...I will be so tired tomorrow.  I want to read my bible.

I've decided to start reading through Joshua.  I looked through my Bible to see where I last finished up and it was at the end of Deuteronomy, so Joshua is next.  I'm kind of exciting to see what I will discover.  One of the most eye opening seasons of reading the bible for me was my trip through the minor prophets.  It was like going on some archeological dig - there was all this rubble and then every now and then this amazing gem of a sentence or passage.  And the themes that came through of redemption and change were just fabulous.

Freaking fantastic.  Anyway, I had a similar experience in Deut. so I'm hoping to repeat in Joshua.

We'll see.