Wednesday, June 08, 2011

On life being so good

Life is not always this awesome. I've been through stuff. I've spent nights on the floor crying. I've thought a lot about death. I've been broke as and in debt. I've been alone. Been brokenhearted. Been angry. Thought life would never be good. Hated myself. Been separate from my family and not known how to fix it.

But oh my word. Life is good. Life is made of seasons. I know it won't last forever. But right now I'm just soaking in the bright winter sun and storing up my spare joy for later when I might need it.

New friends who surprise me with being even cooler than I thought.

Old friends who just get better and better.

New stuff.

Really great job.

Amazing city to explore.

Cute apartment to make onto a home.

Family. Sisters who love me and text me and email me and give me advice and keep sharing their lives with me even though I abandoned them.

My cute as a new pin BFF. How cute is a new pin?

Sheesh!!!!!! I'm loving this moment.

Location:Rose St,Ashfield,Australia

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Thrifty Saturday at a Pop Up Market

Saturday afternoon found me on a hideous rail bus (silly track work cancelled my train) travelling to meet Simona at Newtown.  We were going to go clothes shopping but got way laid by a pop up market by the train station. 

It was one of those awesome scrappy little markets with random stuff everywhere.  I totally loved it.  I accidently spent $50.  Opps.

Finds included:

Stupendously cool leather bag - real vintage treasure of happiness and delight.

Set of three Alfred Meakin dessert bowls.  All worn and used and just how I like them.

Shabby but beautiful cake slice.  With a mother of pearl handle.

Insanely beautiful handbag for Simona.  Just look at those tarnished old buckles.

Crazy cute egg hen.  Holds about three eggs at a pinch, but you can't fault it for cuteness value.

Tiny and amazingly wonderful vintage tea pot for one.  Cos only one of us drinks tea.

One of my favorite thrifting days ever.   Shall we go when you visit Deb Robertson?