Monday, August 09, 2010

Little River, thy name is happiness

Little River is flat out one of my fav places in the world, not in the least because my favorite piece of art ever in the world lives there and I visit it from time to time.  In case anyone is interested, since it's my birthday soon and all, it's an etching called "Riley and the Ruru" and it lives at the very bottom of the pile of etchings on the table near the door.  It's always at the bottom, because that's where I put it in the vain hope nobody will buy it.  One day, I know, I'll visit it and it'll be gone.  Sad day, but I guess there will be the hope someone bought it for me and it awaits me, one fine day.

Ha ha, so anyway, I visited it on Saturday with The Sumo and Tighty Whitey.

And I took some pictures, for which I was mercilessly ridiculed, but they turned out nice so I'll show them.

AND I saw a Kotuku (white heron) which has so far just been a dream of my life.  I saw it at Catons Bay.  Oh it burned my heart, oh yes it did.

Birds carry messages for me and I have listened until now I know what the message is.

This is it:

I Am always with you.

Thursday, August 05, 2010

A photo!

Yup, indeedy.

Here is my photo for the day:

Okay, so I clearly took this photo ages ago but I've been having a craving to head back down south.

Plus I love how Simona looks so carefree in this photo.

And I miss my car.

Sorry kittens....

I've been absent, I've not been keeping my promises.  I tell you what, it's hard to keep all those balls in the air.  I'm just managing to get by at the moment.

Sometimes I think too much.  And sometimes I just don't think clearly enough.  Have you ever had that thing, where you suddenly realise that someone you thought really loved you has actually moved on?  Ouch.  It's so humiliating.  It hurts in the first instance because you loved them and you realise they don't love you.  And then it hurts again, so much worse, because you realise that they haven't loved you for ages.  That what you thought was real was just really you not paying attention.

Anyway, I'm hurting today but this too shall pass.

Monday, August 02, 2010

Yoga Bliss. Etc.

Hello fond readers,

Especially you.  Yep, you.

Here's my photograph for today. It's of some flowers I picked ages ago up on the Crater Rim walk.  It's so nice up there and there are some great flowers that have the amazing property of not dying or wilting.  Yep, they're in a bottle, on my table and they've been there for months.

Isn't the texture just so?

I just love it and it looks so nice on my table.  Trust me.

This is another photograph I took up on the hills - I was so entranced by the butterflies out for their first day trip this winter.  It was so warm on Sunday and they were just dancing.  I read once that they winter under rocks.  I think that is probably not true, and it's somewhat disturbing, actually, but it seemed like they were surely over the moon to be out in the sunshine and back among the leaves.

So here is one, who stopped for a moment, just for me.  He only showed me his dull side, but I saw his bright wings before he tucked them away.

Oh he's lovely.

Post for a Sunday, on a Monday

  1. Hello viewers.
  2. I went to see Inception on the weekend and it DID live up to the hype.  Go see it, it's weird.
  3. I also went for a walk up Harry Ell track and the weather was amazing and I had a good talk with Simona and I feel much better.  And I cried.  In public.
  4. I had fish and chips on the weekend, as well as coconut ice, chocolate buscuits, chocolate, lollies, boston bun, sausages, coke and orange juice.
  5. Here is my photograph.