Monday, August 02, 2010

Yoga Bliss. Etc.

Hello fond readers,

Especially you.  Yep, you.

Here's my photograph for today. It's of some flowers I picked ages ago up on the Crater Rim walk.  It's so nice up there and there are some great flowers that have the amazing property of not dying or wilting.  Yep, they're in a bottle, on my table and they've been there for months.

Isn't the texture just so?

I just love it and it looks so nice on my table.  Trust me.

This is another photograph I took up on the hills - I was so entranced by the butterflies out for their first day trip this winter.  It was so warm on Sunday and they were just dancing.  I read once that they winter under rocks.  I think that is probably not true, and it's somewhat disturbing, actually, but it seemed like they were surely over the moon to be out in the sunshine and back among the leaves.

So here is one, who stopped for a moment, just for me.  He only showed me his dull side, but I saw his bright wings before he tucked them away.

Oh he's lovely.


fiona jane said...

loving the photos and the changes to your blog too - you have a great talent there lovely!!
hope youre feeling better.. and congratulations for crying in public - its no bad thing.. nothing like a good howl to make you feel better.... xxx

One Girl said...

awesome photos! your blog looks awesome :-)

Helen said...

Like. A lot.