Monday, August 09, 2010

Little River, thy name is happiness

Little River is flat out one of my fav places in the world, not in the least because my favorite piece of art ever in the world lives there and I visit it from time to time.  In case anyone is interested, since it's my birthday soon and all, it's an etching called "Riley and the Ruru" and it lives at the very bottom of the pile of etchings on the table near the door.  It's always at the bottom, because that's where I put it in the vain hope nobody will buy it.  One day, I know, I'll visit it and it'll be gone.  Sad day, but I guess there will be the hope someone bought it for me and it awaits me, one fine day.

Ha ha, so anyway, I visited it on Saturday with The Sumo and Tighty Whitey.

And I took some pictures, for which I was mercilessly ridiculed, but they turned out nice so I'll show them.

AND I saw a Kotuku (white heron) which has so far just been a dream of my life.  I saw it at Catons Bay.  Oh it burned my heart, oh yes it did.

Birds carry messages for me and I have listened until now I know what the message is.

This is it:

I Am always with you.


Prince Labiel said...

ok me homesick now lol, miss NZ luv ya pics, me too big believer in birds carry our messages, sadly my ones have either been shot down or run over, but I am also a big believer in the the trees are wise and are always talking to the birds.

Mariana said...

So special to see a Kotuku! Beautiful post & blog.

The B! Child said...

You don't know me and I have NO IDEA how I ended up looking at your page . . . but I'm glad I did. This post made me smile. Thanks.

sam reilly said...

from stumbling across crap blogs makes yours look amazing, there inspirational and no matter what other people think of them its your insight :)

Jo said...

I so needed your photos today thanks for the hope and beauty. I love little river for many reasons too - maybe I should look for a batch there ... bit like the hope for your fav art piece but hey ... dreams are not only free but set the soul a flight
peace Jo

ccnp training in delhi said...

lovely blog dear. i love this.

Beth said...

The photos are beautiful. I am so glad you shared them.

Kerrie said...

Hi Sharyn, my name is Kerrie. You have a very heart-warming blogspot. Your words tugged at my heart strings. Your photos are gorgeous!!! For those who say otherwise, I guess they were looking the wrong way. Remember, God loves you and He promises "I Am always with you." I hope that you had a blessed Christmas. With love and care from Kerrie. xOx