Wednesday, January 05, 2011

New Years Resolution: A Year of not Dieting

I've basically spent my entire adult life (thus far) dieting or NOT DIETING.  Which means binge-ing.  I have lost heaps of weight - I'm a great dieter.  I've also put on lots of weight.  I am not currently the biggest I've ever been - I'm about 12 kilos off that.  I'm also not the smallest I've ever been - about 15 kilos off that.

During the holidays I read Portia de Rossi's book "Unbearable Lightness" which is about her battle with dieting that eventually led to anorexia and bullemia. 

It was a shocking book.  It kind of rocked me to my core.

So this year is going to be a year of not dieting.  I have absolutely no idea what will happen.  It is absolutely terrifying.

Dieting is just what we do in our family.  It feels like a shocking thing to do to give it up.

I'm completely terrified and completely excited.

Gah!  Now I have to do it!


fiona jane said... a member of a family with the 'i'm on a dirt/Oops no i'm not' disease i hear you lady! its a never ending whirl of controlled guilt even when youre out of control.. youre in charge of what you eat even if you choose to binge (why do we do that anyway - i always feel like death afterwards!)...Go for it, you have a year of new exciting adventures and endless possibilities - dont be scared - youre awesome and you can do anything xxxx

fiona jane said...
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Jo said...

hey kia kaha Sharyn
I will look up that book
I found a chch group called EAT (Eating Awareness Team) recently and am needing to get onto the next stage of my journey ...

KatyDid said...

I haven't read de Rossi's book, but I agree with the sentiment you're expressing here. Eatiung healthy is good - "dieting" is sort of a double-edged sword, I think.

I wish you a healthy 2011!

Betty and Wilma said...

I am in the same boat. Going for walks and avoiding the late night munchies saved me. No huge mountain, just a little bit more self-discipline. It works. Of course I am not in perfect shape but I am healthy and weigh a lot less now. Good luck! I wish you the best!