Thursday, March 22, 2007

Why I Am An Idiot

I am an idiot because I forgot about applying to graduate, and now I'm too late. By one day.

I mean, I'll still get my certificate, but I miss out on wearing the pretty gown thing.


Sunday, March 11, 2007


I am sitting on my lounge chair in the kitchen. I am surrounded by crunchie bar wrappers. I am still typing my assignment at 11:32.

But I also had the best worship ever at church tonight and then I went off to the Lantern festival. It was so cool! I love lanterns. (There's a joke in there for you Helen).

Now, do some yoga, go to bed.

Find out what smells and get rid of it first though.


Rubbish bins.

Friday, March 02, 2007

I’m sorry that you turned to driftwood...

So anyways, about my dieting. Many of my regular readers know I’ve been dieting since about the 4th of April last year. Between April and December I lost 25 kilos. I then took a break of a couple of months over summer, in which term I gained about 3 kilos. I figure every summer I’ll gain a couple of kilos over Christmas/New Years, and then loose it in the new year, so I didn’t regard this as any great worry.

Getting back on the dieting wagon was pretty hard – VERY hard actually. But last Monday I climbed back on for real and lost a happy two kilos. This, combined with the one I lost on some much less serious dieting, means I back at the lightest I’ve ever been. Another week is nearly done and I’m fairly confident I’ve lost another. I only have about 10 or 11 to get down to my goal. This should occur somewhere in May/June.

It really creeps me out that in a few short months I’ll be skinny. Like, actually skinny. Not horrible bony skinny, just nice, cute, petite, skinny. My entire adult life I’ve been the fat one. Now I’m pretty much a normal size, and then I’ll be little. Wow, it’s such a mind-blowing thing. It just goes to show you can do whatever you set your mind too.

I can’t wait to write my “I’ve arrived” blog post.

Early on in my dieting career I discovered yoga and I’ve rediscovered the joy again! I’m okay at most physical things – I can run around and swim and bike all right, but I’m never good. But yoga, well I’m good at yoga. I’m naturally really flexible, and it’s just so nice to do something you feel like you could be really great at. I’m doing some reading about Christian yoga and I feel like this could be a life long hobby for me. Lots of the aspects of mediation and quietness from the Psalms can be incorporated into yoga techniques to make it a cool spiritual exercise simultaneously.
I’m really feeling nice and balanced at the moment – studying, exercising, eating really well, spending time with my friends, reading the bible and going to church – everything is going really sweetly at the moment. It’s nice.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Lent and Everything After

So, again, I am lenting. Last year, soft drink, this year takeaways. Now some of you unprincipled cynics might think that’s because of my dieting, but NO. Well, obviously it makes it easier to diet when you don’t ‘take away’, but seriously. I’m not that desperate.

Why do I do Lent? I do Lent because I believe in spiritual discipline, and because I love participating in tradition.

Firstly, I regard spiritual discipline as an important part of any spiritual life with God. It’s a way of remembering that relationships don’t just happen – they require effort and commitment. It’s a way of focusing on what’s really important. It’s a way that I take control over my body and my choices rather than just submitting to my superficial desires. It’s a way of identifying with the sacrifices that Christ made for me. It’s a way of showing my love, an act of loving if you will. It’s a sign that I am set apart, that I set myself apart. It’s part of submission – it’s a small act that symbolizes my submission.

Secondly, it’s a part of the Christian tradition. It’s a thing Christians have done for hundreds of years. It’s a way of stepping into the line of Christians that stretches far about behind me, and also before me. It carries it on. I am part of a Body of Believers across time and space. I feel more connected when I join them.

So, Lent has come and I am craving Indian. And doing something precious and valuable and unique.