Sunday, March 11, 2007


I am sitting on my lounge chair in the kitchen. I am surrounded by crunchie bar wrappers. I am still typing my assignment at 11:32.

But I also had the best worship ever at church tonight and then I went off to the Lantern festival. It was so cool! I love lanterns. (There's a joke in there for you Helen).

Now, do some yoga, go to bed.

Find out what smells and get rid of it first though.


Rubbish bins.


Iain said...

The Lantern Festival is so cool, I think that it's a really great thing for CHCH.

I love cultures and stuff, and to see people coming together to celebrate something of themselves and their identity makes me happy.

Besides, the 'Chinese Angels' Dancing Drummer Chicks were awesome!

Good luck with El Assignmento

Andrew Brown said...

When I saw the Rehab title, I instantly thought "Oh no, Shaz isn't one of those people with a hidden drug addiction, and now she's in rehab and letting the public now??" But then I found out the truth.

Helen said...

Crunchie bar wrappers? Sharyn! And your multitude of miracles last night. Is this where the 'Rehab' title comes in? A written cry for help?