Saturday, July 31, 2010

Fear not - I have Not abandoned my post

Nope, I have not.

Weird weather day today, what with the nor'west arch looming over the mountains.  Unseasonal.

I feel weird today, I guess I'm in a weird space.  Living here in my beloved Christchurch but also living partly in Sydney - I'm looking and applying for jobs, looking at places to rent, thinking about selling my stuff, saving, mentally I guess saying goodbye to my life here.

Everything just feels uneasy and I hate that.

So these toadies suit me today.

I like them, all in a pile.

There are just so many things I don't like about myself.  I just wish I were more motivated to change the things I don't like.  Sometimes I just feel so powerless.

I've lost 10 kilos but a big part of me just thinks, well wont I inevitably just put that back on?  What is the point?  I've been big all my life, why would I be different now?

I don't know.

Winter, you are in my bones.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wainui, My Friend

Lucky me I had a trip to Wainui today for a site visit.

Stopped by the lake, Te Waihora or Ellesmere if you like.  So fab, wish I was a little old lady sitting beside my little old man, drinking tea from a thermos and watching the swans.

Here's my 'pic for the day'. It's a fence post.

Got to start doing these at home so I can fiddle with them.

Thanks to my two viewers!  Hope they make you think (a) I'm so glad I live here in this fabulous country and (b) why don't I, why do I live in smelly England?  Ha ha, just kidding Fiona.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Post Two : Day Two : Photo Two

Hello to my single reader out there, I know it's you Deb.  But if are the only one to ever read my blog, I'd still post, just for you.

True story.

Brian Turner, you are my hero.

So today I'm a bit scared about the Sydney Move.  Most days I'm just super excited about new jobs, new flats, new shopping, new cafes, new clothes, new furniture, new theatres, movie theatres, concert halls, gardens, rivers, walks....etc.  But today, the knot of fear is winding itself back up in my stomach as I contemplate leaving behind all that is familier and having to get myself organised, as my mother would say.  Getting myself organised is the scary part.

And paying off my debt.

Fun job opportunity though : policy officer at the Human Rights Commission.

I think I could be good at that.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Don't freak out though...

But I am back.

And, you know, better than ever.

Ha ha.

A photo a day, that's what I'm about - One Photograph Per Day For One Month.

Here's the first, taken yesterday, at the Art Centre.

It's un-fiddled with.

But it's a very 'me' photo, so tis a good one to start with, to be sure.

Oh let me be so.
So light
that I, too, leave so small an indent
with my words