Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Post Two : Day Two : Photo Two

Hello to my single reader out there, I know it's you Deb.  But if are the only one to ever read my blog, I'd still post, just for you.

True story.

Brian Turner, you are my hero.

So today I'm a bit scared about the Sydney Move.  Most days I'm just super excited about new jobs, new flats, new shopping, new cafes, new clothes, new furniture, new theatres, movie theatres, concert halls, gardens, rivers, walks....etc.  But today, the knot of fear is winding itself back up in my stomach as I contemplate leaving behind all that is familier and having to get myself organised, as my mother would say.  Getting myself organised is the scary part.

And paying off my debt.

Fun job opportunity though : policy officer at the Human Rights Commission.

I think I could be good at that.


Deb said...

Of course I'll always read every word you write, even when you depart for lands afar!!

fiona jane said...

Good? you'll be awesome... when is it all happening? and see, Deb is not the only one who reads your blog... im just not very good at leaving comments.. is that a bit stalker..ish? xx

Corrina said...

Sharyn - think you have more readers than you think! Definitely more than me ;-)
Human rights commission - now that sounds like a kick ass job. Keep us all posted!
And, really, the knot unties itself and works it all out. You will be fine and the adventure is worth the heartstrings pulling ten thousand times over.
Excited about you embarking on a new season in life and excited that I now have a pad to crash in when I visit Sydney - and just a tad, little but jealous that you'll be there and I won't!

Helen said...

Me too. Me.