Monday, February 27, 2012


Sunday is a sleep in far past sensible. It's a slow start with washing and the groceries. It's coming in right on budget yet again. It's jam on toast for lunch and watching greys anatomy. It's a headache that persists and persists.

It's Finishing the washing and tidying up and Simona tidying the hall cupboard so well I fear for her mental health. It's a quick Skype with the nieces and my sister and back to the housework. Sunday is working on my PhD and being excited. It's seeing ideas come together. It's a nap to rid myself of the headache (unsuccessful).

Sunday is the weekly baking and this week it's honey oat biscuits from Edmonds which might be the best yet. It's a roast lamb for dinner with the best roast potatoes I have made and roast pumpkin carrot and made from scratch gravy. It's watching bondi rescue and doing the dishes while listening to the radio.

It's a new tele show and then bed and a book. Sunday is hot and muggy and threatening rain.


Saturday is waking early from habit and snoozing til it's time to go to the garden. Saturday is walking to summer hill in the sunshine. Saturday is chatting with new people and eating muffins. Saturday is planting seedlings we grew from scratch into rich soil wriggling with worms. Saturday is replanting the rhubarb into a bed with space and depth. Saturday is feeling like the rhubarb.

Saturday is catching the train to redfern and walking to the everleigh market. It's seeing the very first of the autumn leaves. It's wandering past terraces and trendy cafes and a cute girl teasing her grandad.

It's looking at flowers and tasting bread and jam and yoghurt. It's chatting with Meredith and looking at all the gorgeous people. It's seeing sweet lesbian couples bravely holding hands (yes even here). It's wishing the cat people were here today.

Saturday is waking through the uni and across the park and up the road. Saturday is finding the glebe market in all it's glory. It's eating gosleme and drinking fresh cold lemon juice. It's finding a new cafe that sells churros with chocolate sauce and strawberrys and Icecream.

It's the quick walk to the bus and home to the cool cave of our home. It's a long bath and trying a million outfits. It's putting on makeup and going out with friends. It's shouted conversations in the noisiest pub in the world. It's dinner and the train home. It's being glad for gentle friendships that don't demand much but give a lot.

It's to bed and an emergency cockroach call out and Simona taking refuge for the night from the Terror of the Roach. It's a warm night full of chirps and peeps of insects. It's peace and being where I am meant to be.

Thursday, February 23, 2012


Wednesday follows Monday and Tuesday which were busy busy and productive and happy.

Wednesday is different. Wednesday catches me out and turns me upside down. Wednesday is crying when people at work are kind and thoughtfully. Wednesday is finding a place outside to cry when I am overwhelmed with grief and confused by my feelings. Wednesday is wearing black and being glad I did. Wednesday is watching the memorial with the sound low. Wednesday is realizing that I am sad because I wasn't there. Wednesday is realizing that I will never be able to really be part of that world now because I wasn't there. Wednesday is weeping and knowing and then it's okay.

Wednesday is getting my work ducks in a row and taking leadership on an issue and feeling good. Wednesday is more ground hog conversations about work politics that depress me. Wednesday is thinking just forget it and get on with things.

Wednesday is getting two briefs back from management and having to do more work on both. Wednesday is being absolutely frustrated and helpless. Wednesday is being micromanaged and not trusted by the leadership. It's taking a deep breath and the taking it out in my boss who is sympathetic but unmoving.

Wednesday is looking at jobs.

Wednesday is coming home via summer hill where the beans are sprouting and it's so peaceful and exciting. Wednesday is cooking an easy dinner and making lunches. Wednesday is watching a new program I haven't decided about yet. Wednesday is going to bed miserable and waking up in pain. But that's Thursday.

Monday, February 20, 2012


Sunday is a sweet day at home. Sunday is a sleep in. Sunday is a lazy start and getting the washing out. Sunday is a leisurely trip to the supermarket and having the do we need this conversation a fair few times.

Sunday is snacks for lunch (snunch) and the housework. Sunday is hand washing my favorite dresses. It's baking afghans and listening to the radio. Sunday is enjoying the rearranged house and wearing just a teeshirt because it's sticky and hot.

Sunday is giving the air the sniff test to see when the storm is coming.

Sunday is cooking dinner slowly while I read my book and Simona studies. Sunday is eating in front of QI. Sunday is the storm coming just as I take the washing off the line. Sunday is getting Simona to watch for cockroaches while I take the washing off the line.

Sunday is a dark room and a storm. Sunday is thunder louder than I ever heard it. Sunday is lightening and rain and more rain.

Sunday, February 19, 2012


Saturday is sunshine. Saturday is a chance to sleep as long as I like, which was 8:37 today. Saturday is toast and orange juice. Saturday is taking a train and then a bus to my favorite market. It's looking at all the vintage bits and pieces, it's wandering slowly from stall to stall. It's bargaining with stall holders and laughing and walking away. It's finding a set of lovely plates and a vanilla milkshake and an amazing glass jug hand painted with three ducks.

It's spending the last of my cash and then walking down the hill to iron cove. Bay. It's walking through the park and along the shore.

Saturday is seeing a willy wagtail and walkers and sunlight on sea green sea. It's boats and tall trees and people's homes and an old, old hospital.

Saturday is realizing we're not THAT far from home and making a new plan that takes us to Haberfield, where we've never been. Saturday is gorgeous houses and smart lawns and then strange shaped houses and schools named after Joan of Arc. It's finding a sweet cafe off the beaten track with perfect food. Saturday is Simona surprising me by shouting me lunch. It's walking the rest of the way home and calculating our walk at 7km. It's watching tv and suddenly being inspired to change the furniture.

Saturday is dishes and satisfaction and snack food for dinner.

Saturday, February 18, 2012


Friday is a crackingly speedy morning doing easy administrative tasks and making graphs. It's hanging around talking to colleagues. It's tidying my desk within an inch of its life. It's making a new action list that is organized and colour coded because things have been slipping through the cracks and no matter how much by boss teases me the colours do help.

Friday is a productive afternoon writing a report following my favorite sushi roll for lunch.

It's helping another team write their standards and realizing how much I have learned about that.

Friday is a ride into town with really nice people who give me hints about my suburban saturday walks. It's meeting Simona in town and getting the ferry to manly with our new magazines to read. It's a delicious dinner and the best apple cider I have ever had. It's a walk around the coast line in the dim dusk.

Friday is the ferry home and then a train and then the bliss of my cool bed waiting for me. It's watching QI and falling into a deep sleep that lasts right through to 3:00am.

Friday is sweet and social and successful.

Friday, February 17, 2012


Thursday is a long day at work, even with the half hour sleep in I allow myself. Thursday is finally finishing the brief to the satisfaction of all. Thursday is a trip to the shops with my colleague and listening to her grief.

Thursday is building over sixty graphs. Thursday is having my work publicly praised at a meeting of my seniors. Thursday is still being at work at 8:00 pm.

It's getting the train home and stopping for bread for Simona's tea. It's making her toast because she is exhausted. It's finding a parcel from Chrissy and Deb that is full of treasures. It's being loved and thought of by those far away. It is finding in the parcel a new cardi I so wanted but could not afford and the exact black long cardi I have been fruitlessly searching for.

Thursday is a turning point in my week, the upswing I have been waiting for.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Wednesday is

Wednesday is endless meetings, rewriting briefs and then rewriting then again. Wednesday is feeling defeated and frustrated and leaving work in tears.

Wednesday is Simona waiting at the station for me and walking me home and cooking me dinner. Its eating lasagne in front of Modern Family. It's laughing and forgetting. It's walking down to summer hill to water the garden. It's standing in the cool din of the garden and feeling at peace. It's wandering home to bed and reading

It's being glad I finished the brief.

Wednesday is finally finding an anusara yoga class that's convenient. Wednesday is hard and it is over.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tuesday is

Tuesday is playing with statistics and learning about reporting multi response answers, it's worrying about briefs and getting somewhere with organizing reviews. It's worrying about organizing those same reviews but starting to make a plan. It's listening to gossip and feeling guilty but doing it anyway. It's my new friend smiling when she sees me and seeming happier and more open with me since I had her to dinner.

Tuesday is sensitive teeth and nice lunch and a sneaky sushi roll. Tuesday is the new job finally getting approved so I can apply for it. It's wondering why my phd supervisor isn't getting back to me.

It's surprise emails from Simona and planing a night of take always and cider. It's meeting up at Town Hall and talking about work on the way home. It's eating nice food I didn't have to cook and no dishes and a night of good tv.

Tuesday is an early night but my lamp's blown so it's reading with a torch. Tuesday is a quiet day that went too slow and not too much to worry about tomorrow.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday is

Monday is writing pointless briefs, making awkward phonecalls, sending scary emails and getting good responses.

Monday is thinking about Simona, planning valentines celebrations, looking longingly at photos of my home, having good conversations with my boss.

Monday is finishing my book and looking forward to starting a new one, cooking pasta for tea, choosing my lunch, listening to the radio while we do the dishes together, feeling excited about my PhD, finishing a crossword. Doing the washing. Watching tele. Feeling afraid of insect sounds. Going to bed in my own bed, in my own room to the chirp of cicadas.