Monday, February 20, 2012


Sunday is a sweet day at home. Sunday is a sleep in. Sunday is a lazy start and getting the washing out. Sunday is a leisurely trip to the supermarket and having the do we need this conversation a fair few times.

Sunday is snacks for lunch (snunch) and the housework. Sunday is hand washing my favorite dresses. It's baking afghans and listening to the radio. Sunday is enjoying the rearranged house and wearing just a teeshirt because it's sticky and hot.

Sunday is giving the air the sniff test to see when the storm is coming.

Sunday is cooking dinner slowly while I read my book and Simona studies. Sunday is eating in front of QI. Sunday is the storm coming just as I take the washing off the line. Sunday is getting Simona to watch for cockroaches while I take the washing off the line.

Sunday is a dark room and a storm. Sunday is thunder louder than I ever heard it. Sunday is lightening and rain and more rain.

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Corrina said...

I love that I came across this today! Thanks for sharing the ups and downs of your week - it is so nice to feel connected to you!