Monday, February 27, 2012


Saturday is waking early from habit and snoozing til it's time to go to the garden. Saturday is walking to summer hill in the sunshine. Saturday is chatting with new people and eating muffins. Saturday is planting seedlings we grew from scratch into rich soil wriggling with worms. Saturday is replanting the rhubarb into a bed with space and depth. Saturday is feeling like the rhubarb.

Saturday is catching the train to redfern and walking to the everleigh market. It's seeing the very first of the autumn leaves. It's wandering past terraces and trendy cafes and a cute girl teasing her grandad.

It's looking at flowers and tasting bread and jam and yoghurt. It's chatting with Meredith and looking at all the gorgeous people. It's seeing sweet lesbian couples bravely holding hands (yes even here). It's wishing the cat people were here today.

Saturday is waking through the uni and across the park and up the road. Saturday is finding the glebe market in all it's glory. It's eating gosleme and drinking fresh cold lemon juice. It's finding a new cafe that sells churros with chocolate sauce and strawberrys and Icecream.

It's the quick walk to the bus and home to the cool cave of our home. It's a long bath and trying a million outfits. It's putting on makeup and going out with friends. It's shouted conversations in the noisiest pub in the world. It's dinner and the train home. It's being glad for gentle friendships that don't demand much but give a lot.

It's to bed and an emergency cockroach call out and Simona taking refuge for the night from the Terror of the Roach. It's a warm night full of chirps and peeps of insects. It's peace and being where I am meant to be.

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