Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tuesday is

Tuesday is playing with statistics and learning about reporting multi response answers, it's worrying about briefs and getting somewhere with organizing reviews. It's worrying about organizing those same reviews but starting to make a plan. It's listening to gossip and feeling guilty but doing it anyway. It's my new friend smiling when she sees me and seeming happier and more open with me since I had her to dinner.

Tuesday is sensitive teeth and nice lunch and a sneaky sushi roll. Tuesday is the new job finally getting approved so I can apply for it. It's wondering why my phd supervisor isn't getting back to me.

It's surprise emails from Simona and planing a night of take always and cider. It's meeting up at Town Hall and talking about work on the way home. It's eating nice food I didn't have to cook and no dishes and a night of good tv.

Tuesday is an early night but my lamp's blown so it's reading with a torch. Tuesday is a quiet day that went too slow and not too much to worry about tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Some ups and some downs, yes, that is the reality of life. But I do like the way you cover it! Hugs 278