Monday, February 12, 2007

Hallelujah Song

Oh yeah, I just got a great new job. Well, it's like a few hours a week and I still have to work at Smelly Ballys, but hey. I have prospects! I have more money! I have a real grown up job! Kind of.

OH YEAH! I'm stoked.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Feels like home to me

Yep, I've been in Okains Bay for four beautiful days. It really does feel like home - I've had upwards of 6 holidays there. Some with my family - some with Simona's, some with my friends.

For the last three mornings I have awoken to waves crashing, birds singing, children screaming their way down the flying fox and, okay, once some animal trying to chew through my tent. Oh and a terrible Maori welcome impersonation this morning.

I really had a holiday. I let my insides relax. I ate - well terribly (sorry fellow weight watchers). I only have six days of actual work left.

Even World War 7 can't get me down.

Plus I have a new top.

I love shopping.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Nature enter me

So Waitangi day is almost upon us in all its cringing glory. It sparks conversation even here in the paragon of white New Zealand – Ballantynes. And my co-workers were discussing Treaty claims along the lines of “if the Maoris (sic) had been treated like the Aboriginals in Australia, they’d really have something to complain about”.

And I mean, who can argue with this logic? I think all white New Zealand should give ourselves a big pat on the back for our moral fortitude in not perpetrating mass murder upon the Maori. I mean, how dare they complain about a little land theft, when we magnanimously left them with their lives? Well, ya know, mostly.

I’m still extracting my fingernails out of my palms and my teeth out of my upper jaw. As Simona so wisely advises:

Word on the street has it that one should just stay out of ignorant race based discussions and explain them away with the fact that people are simply poorly educated (which is not one’s responsibility to fix)

As (co worker) Paul says “you make me tired”