Monday, February 12, 2007

Hallelujah Song

Oh yeah, I just got a great new job. Well, it's like a few hours a week and I still have to work at Smelly Ballys, but hey. I have prospects! I have more money! I have a real grown up job! Kind of.

OH YEAH! I'm stoked.


Andrew Brown said...

So what is this job? Are can you not say ;)

Iain said...

I've got good news too.

I just had a job interview with Stepping Stone Trust and it seemed to go fine. It was for a fulltime position as a Community Support Worker. It looks good, so if my other job potentials don't bear any fruit at least one is looking rosey.

At least, I hope it is... (i'll find out in a 10 or so days, i think)

amy said...

Congrats Shaz.

So are you going to reveal the identity of your new workplace??!

Sharyn said...

Alright! You have tortured it out of me.

I am to be a research assistant, helping a trust evaluate this health program in schools. I get to help the kids fill out the huge 15 page standardised test.

Frightening for them, but I am excited.

Aaron More said...

Congrats Shaz