Saturday, February 18, 2012


Friday is a crackingly speedy morning doing easy administrative tasks and making graphs. It's hanging around talking to colleagues. It's tidying my desk within an inch of its life. It's making a new action list that is organized and colour coded because things have been slipping through the cracks and no matter how much by boss teases me the colours do help.

Friday is a productive afternoon writing a report following my favorite sushi roll for lunch.

It's helping another team write their standards and realizing how much I have learned about that.

Friday is a ride into town with really nice people who give me hints about my suburban saturday walks. It's meeting Simona in town and getting the ferry to manly with our new magazines to read. It's a delicious dinner and the best apple cider I have ever had. It's a walk around the coast line in the dim dusk.

Friday is the ferry home and then a train and then the bliss of my cool bed waiting for me. It's watching QI and falling into a deep sleep that lasts right through to 3:00am.

Friday is sweet and social and successful.

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