Monday, February 27, 2012


Sunday is a sleep in far past sensible. It's a slow start with washing and the groceries. It's coming in right on budget yet again. It's jam on toast for lunch and watching greys anatomy. It's a headache that persists and persists.

It's Finishing the washing and tidying up and Simona tidying the hall cupboard so well I fear for her mental health. It's a quick Skype with the nieces and my sister and back to the housework. Sunday is working on my PhD and being excited. It's seeing ideas come together. It's a nap to rid myself of the headache (unsuccessful).

Sunday is the weekly baking and this week it's honey oat biscuits from Edmonds which might be the best yet. It's a roast lamb for dinner with the best roast potatoes I have made and roast pumpkin carrot and made from scratch gravy. It's watching bondi rescue and doing the dishes while listening to the radio.

It's a new tele show and then bed and a book. Sunday is hot and muggy and threatening rain.

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