Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wainui, My Friend

Lucky me I had a trip to Wainui today for a site visit.

Stopped by the lake, Te Waihora or Ellesmere if you like.  So fab, wish I was a little old lady sitting beside my little old man, drinking tea from a thermos and watching the swans.

Here's my 'pic for the day'. It's a fence post.

Got to start doing these at home so I can fiddle with them.

Thanks to my two viewers!  Hope they make you think (a) I'm so glad I live here in this fabulous country and (b) why don't I, why do I live in smelly England?  Ha ha, just kidding Fiona.


fiona jane said...

smelly? - who said England was smelly? that'll be France...
England is grey (although we are having a gorgeous summer!!) and its true - some folk here are scared of water.. thats why i love my weekends in deepest darkest Wales when all i can smell is cows, sheep, freshly mowen grass & the salt air when we hit the coast.. now that reminds me of NZ...oops here comes a pang of homesickness! xxx

fiona jane said...

ps. gorgeous pics by the way xxxx