Tuesday, February 01, 2011

My Place (And Yours)

Hello!  Well, my place and yours is back thanks to Hello Owl.  I have become a daily fan of Danielle since I did some MPAY last year.  Her baby Violet is maybe the cutest baby ever.  Except for my niecphews and also except for this ridiculously cute baby I saw on the bus the other day that smiled so much I nearly burst with happiness.  Honestly.  When this baby smiled, her eyes were like little half moons because her smile took up so much room.

She made the whole bus feel warm*.

Anyway, so my place has moved to Sydney now.  That's right, my house is this cute little art deco apartment in a beautiful brick building.  So basically, if there's an earthquake here, I'll be the first to go.  

Me and the Sumo are setting it up JUST AS WE WANT and that means a WHOLE lot of op shopping, which is basically my favorite thing ever.  Found the best shop yesterday - the Bower.  Oh. My. Word.

We got one three seater art deco styles couch, one fantastic 1970's dresser with beside table, one kitchen table and a multitude of glasses, two cute plates and a tea cup AND delivery for $207.  Oh and a brush and shovel.  Can't wait to show photos.

Anyway, for goodness sake, enough talk.

This weeks MPAY is  the second drawer in the kitchen.

Here is mine...

Oh so tidy.  We have a rule now that we only buy things we actually need.  So this is still missing say a grater and some peelers and our zester that hasn't arrived with our stuff yet, but it's pretty good.  All second hand except for the gorgeous knife from Ikea.  I am in love with this knife.  Oh and I think the can opener is from Ikea too.  Because, who would give a good can opener to a second hand shop?  They are so hard to find.  So I don't trust the op shop versions.

Oh and the drawer liner is from Ikea too - only $3 for a roll of this stuff and its so awesome.

Okay, last picture just because I love it.

This was taken at the back packers.  Seed pod from garden near naval base, sand from bondi, blue window sill from back packers.

You can see more MPAY here!

*Although it was Sydney so we were already disgusting hot.  Seriously living in my undies.  At home okay, never fear I don't go out like that.

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