Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sewing Machine = Happiness

Yes, I own a sewing machine.  And I bought it on Ebay.  And I travelled for three hours to get it.  Thats walk : bus : train : walk.  And then repeat in reverse.

I paid the princely sum of $52.

And I get it home and lo and behold, it is magnificent.


It is in gloriously good condition, although I think I may have slightly wonkified it so I better get it serviced.  It has the original manual.  Yes it does.  This amazing teal blue tin filled with bits and pieces and envelopes and needles etc.

Oh I do love it so.

Anyway, I have had a lovely afternoon desecrating this ridiculous vampire book "the Historian" and turning the pages into Valentines Day decorations.  Simona cut out the little people and they are so cute. Then I sewed them into a garland and hung them up.

I adore them.

Oh here they are:

So we are in our study, the rain is pouring down outside, birds singing (invisible), decorations hanging up and Simona is studying in the recliner we got for $40 at the Sallys.

And JO is coming to visit me next weekend.  Hopefully bringing gifts of love from all Rabbits friends and relations ha ha.

Here's Simona, ain't she so cute?

She is a happy little chicken studying disgusting things at Med School.

Now, cushions are next on the menu.


Deb said...

OOOooh my it's gorgeous. I'm in love, really it's stunning. I can't believe Jo is coming to see you (and can't belive I didn't know, I'm so out of the loop, lol) would you like fabric?? vintage sheety fabric?? let me know???

Cherie said...

Oh good find! Are you in the Inner West by any chance? Fabric a plenty and all good things at Reverse Garbage!