Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thrifting Finds/Look What I Made!!!!

Many exclamation marks.

So I just moved to Sydney, as you might be aware.  I love this city like a crazy person.  I can't explain it.  It just feels like home to me right away, it's awesome.  It's full of people, fashion, food, shops, trees, birds, new things to see and absorb and it's warm.  So warm.  Sometimes too warm.

However, I cannot for the life of me convince someone to give me a job.  Nope.  For example, today I got a call this morning to say that (a) the job I was shortlisted for was gone because they got someone from inside the company and (b) I was shortlisted for another job that sounded (to me) way to awesome to get.  I totally knew I could do it, but I didn't think they would believe me.  Plus it paid $46 an hour.  Do the maths, that's awesome in double digits.

So anyway, to my utter surprise I get a call to say they are really keen on me and they want to meet me.  I am over the moon happy.  It's good money, it's not so far away, its in an area I'd really like to get into and the job sounds challenging but I'd be up to it.  They're interviewing three people, including me.  Come meet them tomorrow.

So happy!  Finally!  But.  Then my agent calls me, she's gutted, they filled the position internally.

So, again, I am stoked and then disappointed.  And that's just one day.  I have been here for five weeks.  You can do that maths too.

So things could be better, I'm not going to lie.  But then, on the bright side, my agent said that I'm on the top of her list.  She is keen to get rid of me.  And she thought I could do the job.  And so did they, they considered me enough to meet me.  That's a great sign.  I might be worth $46 an hour.  I might tomorrow  get another call, about a different job.  Maybe this one will be on my train line.  So I cling to hope today.

In other ways, today was awesome anyway.

1. I did the dishes before lunch time.
2. I got dressed.
3. I got out of bed.
4. I didn't cry.
5. I went to an awesome op shop that is just around the corner.  Literally.  And its open only Thursdays 9-3.  And it is so cheap, it's ridiculous.
6. They are having a sale on Saturday (open two days a week!)
7. I bought excellent stuff
8. I used my sewing machine and made Simona a pressie and it worked perfectly.
9. I did four loads of washing.
10. I made macaroni cheese and loin chops for dinner. And a tomato.
11. I made lemon crush on my own without a recipe and it is awesome.
12. It's hot and I'm in my undies again.
13. There is a birthday party somewhere near my house and they sung and it made me happy.

That's enough?

Okay so today:

 Doilies - over a hundred years old and hand made
 Sweet mug (now we have two!)
old hymn book, thanks Ira D Sankey.

Awesome thrifting finds!  You can see more here...

And I made a garland for Simona out of the old hymn book pages and an old frankie picture I cut up.  I adore it.  I'm so proud of it!  It made me feel so good to do something creative.

Thank God for my sewing machine.


Sharon Pheasant said...

I love your list of why today is awesome - days when I get the dishes done at all, get dressed and showered, and don't cry about something or other are also to be celebrated - this is the joy of being a grown woman!

Cherie said...

Yep I agree ... every day is awesome! That's why I'm always so late getting to Sophie's. Hang in there Luv, good things happen to good people and sounds like it's almost your turn ;~)