Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Some glimpses of my life

Hello my blog friends.  I have been blog silent.  For two months.  I've had the laziest and most expensive mobile internet in the world.  I have not enjoyed it.  But last night, the miracle of wireless broadband entered our home, our nest.  It's fast.  It's reliable. It is relatively cheap.  And it means that finally I can share the bits and pieces of my life that I have been wanting to show.

Like the little geckos that hide away in the cracks and caverns of paths and fences.

Like the little girl who came home from Deb's place in my luggage.

Like the toadstools/mushrooms that pop up everywhere - transient ephemera of the dark soil.

Like the owl money box from Sussan's who lives on my ever growing stack of magazines (I'm addicted)

And the souvenir teaspoons that we use every day - the Cathedral one always makes us sad.

And there's more - oh so much more....

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