Saturday, May 28, 2011


My kitchen is one of my favorite places in the house.  We hang out there like crazy.  I'll be baking or cooking and Simona will be sitting at the kitchen table studying.  We have music on, our neighbours smile and wave through the's basically sweetness.

I have started religiously keeping all glass bottles that pass through the house - soaking them and getting those pesky stickers right off them.  Plus I've been purchasing the odd cute but impractical glass and hunting out old and tiny bottles. 

All this in aid of having somewhere to put the flowers, grasses, feathers, seed pods and various other things that I inevitably come home with every day.  So my window sill is a constantly changing parade of flora from our neighbourhood.

Plus, it's amazing how a practical thing that looks so prosaic can become so beautiful when it's denuded of stickers and full of flowers.  I like to take things and use them in the opposite way - like using souvenir teaspoons for every day use.

Gorgeous vase on the far right all the way from my Sister's table.

It makes me happy.


Deb said...

Seeing my vase on your sill.
Makes me cry.
Happy tears.
And Sad tears.
Love you kiddo xxx

Helen said...

I love your nesty domesticity.