Tuesday, May 24, 2011

bazaar goodness part two

my goodness that bazaar was a good 'un. I'm still bathing in the warmth of the bazaar happiness.  My school desk has been put to work in my room (oh such a shame for me it didn't fit any where else).  It is holding the yellow typewriter (until we figure out where it goes) and it now is home to my gorgeous sewing machine.  Which means it is set up and ready to go all the time - I predict this will boost my sewing time tremendously.  Important next step: invest in some fabric.  Sadly, this will need to be postponed while I save up to visit the dentist.  I have a tooth that is falling apart.  Literally.

Anyway I'm still in denial about that so let's quickly move on.

Scarves - in the left a lovely heavy silk scarf and on the right lightest oroton silk scarf you ever clapped eyes on.  It's tremendous.

This is a book of 'English cathedrals' and it includes plans.  Well, I tell you what book, I have plans for you.  You would love the plans if you saw them.  I love plans and I love cathedrals so I'm pretty much hyperventilating in the church car park over this one.

Doilies.  I'm so inspired by doilies.  I just can't leave them alone.  I keep using them - sewing them on things and then making brooches out of them.  I have some new plans for them - especially the top one in this photograph.  It's  so beautiful and stained.  It is even more compelling to me because it is damaged.

Ring the bell that still can ring
forget your perfect offering
there is a crack in everything
that's how the light gets in.

-Leonard Cohen

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