Saturday, May 21, 2011

finders keepers AND a bazaar

in one weekend! oh the humanity!  my wallet is aching from the strain.

first, we went to finders keepers last night.  it was utter insanity.  in a really cool part of town near the uni - we walked down from redfern station through streets lined with terraces and big trees.  i totally love it.  it was beautiful and mild with a big moon and lots of people about.  the venue was the Carriage Works which i'm guess is just about as self explanatory as you can get.  they have restored it so well with lots of original machinery about the place. 

it was jam packed with people.  it was insanely over stimulating.  the stalls were amazing with just the most beautiful things you can think of.  but there were too many people and we had to take a break half way through and go and find dinner.

i could have bought something at every stall but we had a budget so i didn't.  i love what i did get though.

this amazing art work

outrageously gorgeous hand made dress
stunning brooch.  honestly.  i'm stunned.

I'll do another post tomorrow about the bazaar because i think those photos just need their own post.  in other news - i'm doing great right now.  love my job so much.  really enjoying it at the moment.  i get to do such a wide range of things and i really enjoy almost every part of it. 

right. me and The Sumo are going to go for a walk as it is our favorite time of day - just before dusk.  the light in ashfield is golden and it is just the right time to wander the streets and gaze at the beautiful homes.  the other night when we did this we went past an old commercial building that was all closed up.  but inside someone was playing piano.  they were amazing.  we just stood there and looked at each other.  it was a moment.

i've also posted over here.

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