Thursday, November 03, 2005

I'm Back

I've been reading blogs, and feel like blogging so I will. I've been looking at Alan's a bit, as well as Maria's. Man, some people think to much, and worry too much. I have a friend like that. She is constantly worried about whether she is doing the right thing. The other day I go to her " you need to relax" and instantly she goes "do you think that's something I should work on"?! Oh my goodness.

I think these kids are just overly concerned about everything.

Since I've gone flatting I have stopped watching the News or reading the Papers. I don't know what Bird Flu is. I don't know about anything. It is so fantastic. Seriously. I am less scared. I am not fed on a diet of media sensationalism. I am not buying into the hype. I already know the world is off to hell in a handbasket. I don't need to know specifics.

I feel like roast chicken.

And gravy.

During the recent "war" in Iraq there were posters around which said "War Porn" in reference to the fact that the "war" was basically screening live on TV 24/7. I thought it was a really clever way to frame it, and it has stuck with me.

Boycott the News I say (and bring back Judy Bailey).

Sorry I'm out of practise at blogging, and suck at it. I'll have to start practising.


A. J. Chesswas said...

Yeah, I think I need to work on not thinking so much. Took me two hours to get to sleep Wednesday night!

Iain said...

You're cool, don't worry about "good" or "bad" at blogging - it's just about being you!

Oh, i mean, "don't worry so much... you need to relax about blogging" :P

Sharyn: 'Is there a post i need to work on??'

Oh, BTW, i've been missing your occasional input into my blog, if you see anything relevant to comment on recently i wouldn't mind getting some of your perspective :)

p.s. (Re: yr last post) sand is immensely spiritual. Why do you think that God's covenant blessing included 'stars in the sky' and 'sand on the beaches'. God didn't say, "like water in the sea"!!

matt said...

are you ever coming back? :(

Andrew said...

Sharyn, you suck at the Internet