Monday, May 01, 2006

The Crisis of Representation

Yes, I am dying of assignments.

So one moment I have stolen to post a it if you will. It's me.



andrew brown said...

was that you? if so, you far exceeded my expectations*, nice work :)

*not that i had low expectations but typically people (i'm not assuming anything here) post stuff and it's not great. yours on the other hand was much better than the rest

Sharyn said...

Wow that's like getting a compliment from Simon Cowell! Lol, yes it is me.

Iain said...


We like this very much, We are pleased with this song.

Gosh, you got the Royal appreciation, it must have been good!

But, seriously, that was good. Like, real good. You have a very nice tone to your natural singing voice, and you show that you have good musical skill by the way that you play with scales in a more exciting way than lesser musicians would generally instinctively do it. Nice job, nice song. Oh, and cleverly recorded too, I note.

p.s. I lurvvve Simon Cowell, nay, I love the very idea of him. He's just so... mimicable.
Like he might say,
"I don't mean to be rude, but when you sing, all I hear is the sound of cats being strangled by their own tails."
"I don't know what is happening with Paula and Randy today, but *I* thought that was possibly the worst song I've ever heard. In fact, you are so inhumanly bad that it sounds like you have been gargling with thumbtacks and are trying to sing the song backwards in Russian & Swahili. But I don't mean to be rude."

But of course Randy would say,
"Hey dawg.. I'm really feelin' you tonight! I thought that was really hip, brother. You took me back to Marvin Gaye, brother, that was smooth. I could hear you being recorded along side [namedrop producer-pal's latest favourite singer here] with his next album."

And Paula would say,
"Thank... you... *standing ovation* No, really, thank you for taking me to another place tonight. I never knew I could feel like that, it really touched me deep inside my very being. I am so grateful to be in your presence, and to witness this amazing event. Thank you so much."

And Ryan would say,
"Wow! Heeyyyyy wasn't that great? Get over here! How'd you think you did? The judges seemed pretty pleased, oh, except for Simon. Simon needs a little lie down... somebody gettin' a widdle crankyyyyy, huh Simon?! Just think, imagine if you look back in ten years, this could be the moment that changed your life forever!! Hey, thanks for tuning in! Seacrest... OUT!"

andrew brown said...

Ryan is just so dreamy....

amy said...

Wow Shaz, that sounds incredible. I love your harmony's! Good work.

I guess I'm a Paula ;)

andrew brown said...

did you actually double-track yourself, because when it sounds like there is two people singing, i just assumed was Amy.. now I'm even more impressed! if you you were into metal we could make a band that sings conflicting theology

Sharyn said...

Hey thanks guys! I am stoked! Yes, I did double track myself, and man it was hard! It's not that well done, but ya know. It's a good start. I'm going to redo it proper hopefully this year.

And lol, you made me laugh.