Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Just in case

Just in case someone didn't know what 21 kilos looked like.

(Or someone shoot that fat woman).


I've shrunk!


andrew brown said...

WOW, nice work shaz! That's quite an achievement

ElizabethB said...

You are amazing kid!!!!
Such tenacity is commendable indeed.

Iain said...

Man, nice job!

You should be very proud of that, you sure beat my attempts to get healthy!

I keep oscillating between working out and slobbing out, it's so hard to keep it up.

What was your tactic?
I presume you have been working out, what do you do - run, swim, weights... what?

I'll post my photo when I reach my goal weight too ;)

Sharyn said...

Hey thanks! Um, I've been doing everything really. Early on did lots of walking on the hills, some weights, lots of aerobics videos as well as yoga and pilates.

Now, with less time, mostly biking and walking in the evenings. But still like Pilates and the videos.

Also, now training for a triathlon, so swimming, running (Gah I hate it) and biking.

Bit of everything! Love it.

Iain said...

I attempted to get hard and start training for a 1/4 Marathon (ok, not THAT hard I guess) but instead I pushed myself too much and wasted my right leg.

The Doc tells me the muscle expanded too much for its compartment and stretched something.

I think I won't try running up One Tree Hill until i'm *really* ready for it this time.

(But U2 sing a song about One Tree Hill, I cannot let Bono down!!)

Jewels said...

Well done Sharyn. Thats awesome. You look really good. You should be very proud of yourself!

Anonymous said...

Hey Sharyn, I'm serious when I say this, I think you look real hot, seriously I do. That bottom photo? So hot.

Sharyn said...

Hiding behind anonymity? Seems to be a lot of that going on at the moment!

But hey, I'm flattered by whomever you are. I don't know about hot. Shrunken, yes. Hot...not yet!

Anonymous said...

Sexy is in the eye of the beholder!