Thursday, May 10, 2007


Well, my bloggings have been sporadic and crappy now haven't they! What to say, what to say. I was reading back over my blog and found the one about how happy and balanced my life was.

Well, those days are gone.

Okay, not totally, but studying at this level is hard. I didn't really expect it. I kind of thought it would just be like third year again. But it's not, it's way harder. It's way better, but it's also harder. I wasn't sure if I'd like postgrad. People always said 'oh if you didn't like undergrad, you'll like post grad'. Well, I loved undergrad! But postgrad is better. What do these terms mean? Undergrad is everything until you get your degree. When you have a degree and you keep coming back for more, then your postgrad. Or certifiably insane. You choose.

So life is weird at the moment. Let's not indulge all the gory details, but suffice to say, things take unexpected turns and it's hard to know how you're supposed to feel. I've been through guilt, sadness, hopelessness, happiness and guilt again. I feel agony one moment and total disconnection the next. I get sympathy and I don't feel like I deserve it. But then I feel so much pain again....and I think, yeah, bring on the sympathy!

I'm not sure anyone reads this anymore anyway, so I'm just blabbing out my feelings. I've not blogged for ages because mainly I was scared I'd end up talking about good old Section 59. Which I'd rather not! Poor Brodie, he has banned me, Danielle, Shaun and Simona from discussing it because he's so bored of it! Lol. He's right. I think public discussion is good, but lets keep this blog a family show and let sleeping dogs...sleep. I have enough stress.

I bought my first size 8 top. THE EXCITEMENT.

I've gotten heaps of assignments back and done really well except for one errant B+. I know, I know, it's still a good mark, but it was 1 mark short of an A- to keep my perfect no B record. Outrageous.

I am becoming more and more of a geek. I find so many things interesting. If someone talks to you about their interest and they're really into it, it becomes interesting. So far I have become fascinated with New Zealand Salmon, high country land tenure review processes and once a day milking. I am a geek people, I really am.

I've also become a travel geek. My latest obsession is going to Cambodia. I watched this documentary about it. There was a city there that, whilst London had a few hundred inhabitants, was home to 1 million people! It was 1000 square kilometres which is extremely low density. Which is why it collapsed eventually, because they farmed to much and cut down all the trees. Lessons to learn here people, lessons to learn.

I really love environmental stuff. One of my papers is about the theories of environmental and resource management. It's so fascinating! I hope I can indulge this passion in my career.

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Iain said...

Hey, nuthin wrong with being a geek - especially a socially conscious, helpful one!