Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Slow dancing in a burning room

Did another halfy this weekend – over on the Coast, it was extremely beautiful! Did it in 3 and a half hours again which I had hoped to beat. However, I did pretty well because kept a good pace throughout.

No photos this time! Was too horrible to look at let alone spend $10 so you’ll just have to use your imaginations.

Determined never to walk another one though, it just takes so long and that is demoralising. So, to that end, I did my first hill run last night. I’ve done a wee bit of running in the last few weeks but have started this program that Simona used. It will be good to have some structure to my running. So it was just 15 min on the hills, which isn’t much, but you start low and build up. I went up Harry Ell and just ran for 15 min and then walked the rest of the way. I was quite happy with my progress after that because I found the 15 min fine and did the whole track in an hour flat, which is half an hour quicker than a couple of months ago. Muscles a bit sore during the run because of the event on Saturday I guess.

In ten weeks time I’ll be running two hours! Well, that is the plan. So I’ll sign up for the Hanmer Half Marathon in May and should be able to run it by then.

No yoga last night, my teacher is teaching an immersion course. I hate missing it but I think Warrior II would have been totally out of reach with my muscles as tired as they are. She gets us doing these hideous lunges, man they are horrifying. Anyway, quickly improving at yoga which is very nice – nice to be good at something for a change. Running is always a tad demoralising because other people always whiz past me – I’m very slow!

Better go, do some work.

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