Thursday, October 01, 2009

My Friend.

P.S. I'm now empty.


Helen said...

I heart you and your friend. But your friend could write more often.

One Girl said...

what!? is she dead?!

Sharyn Brown said...

No, Chrissy, the rumours of her death are greatly exaggerated. In fact, she just helped me spell exaggerated. Although, she asked me to tell you, she does have a bruise on her knee. From falling UP the stairs. FAIL.

Helen. I heart you. I heart you often, and well. My friend hearts you, also, but as noted, she is lazy.

Anonymous said...

She looks unhealthy, I agree with One Girl! Also someone has left their coffee cup on the photo.
Is she still your friend or is this a farewell picture, it feels almost sinister!

Of course if she were to write on her blog we would all be reassured :) Mum