Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Yet another week in iPhone pics.

Simona won't touch chicken without her gloves on. A surgeon in the making. L

Work outfit.

A day of shopping on my day off.

Views of the bridge while I wait for the ferry. With my shopping....

Awake in the deep dark of night listening to a mighty loud thunderstorm.

Simona looking way too cute for her own good.

Reading about a conservationist in Dumbo Feather, gorgeous magazine.

Pork chops for dinner with a ton of veges.

Late night milkshake.

Manning the community garden stall at the ashfield carny of cultures. Too deaf to function.

New boots that I absolutely adore.

Simona's new stockings watching the tele.


Anonymous said...

I love, love, love these blogs, it is like living your week with you! Your work clothes look SO GOOD! Where did you girls get such good dress sense!
Thanx Shaz, more, more, more!
Love always xx 278

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