Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I’m lucky, lucky lucky lucky.

I am.

I am lucky.

Make that blessed.

Top Ten Reasons Why I am Blessed

1. I have found my passion and can spend my life living in that.
2. I come from a loving family, and have an awesome relationship with my parents.
3. My best friend is the best friend a girl could have.
4. I live in New Zealand, and this means I get to go camping in beautiful places, with great friends.
5. I can sing and write.
6. God Loves Me and I Love Them, all Three in One (and we, all of us, know it).
7. I have really truly great friends who inspire to be just like them (and also, serve as warnings of how not to be….J)
8. I have so much to look forward to – holidays, jobs, people, music, dreams and ambitions.
9. I’ve done the coolest things – camping for a month in the NI, the Rail Trail, tramping to Lake Daniels, mini-breaks with various people, road trips with Simona…
10. I love who I am, and who I am becoming

Yep. I am blessed.

So go on, I dare you. Post the Top Ten Reasons Why YOU are Blessed. Or comment them.


Andrew Brown said...

Nice one, they're all awesome things to be blessed with. My biggest one myself would be that God chose me, because there doesn't appear to be any particular reason why he picked me and not someone else instead :)

Iain said...

Top ten reasons why I am blessed. Let's see if I can do it.

EDIT: On review, I can't decide the exact order of how I should put these. So these are top ten, in no particular order (except, perhaps, for #1)

1. Through God I can escape meaninglessness and lead a life that will flame with richness and joy.

2. I know how to love those around me (mostly) without reserve, and I feel loved by others in return.

3. I have many memories that bring me joy but even better is the knowledge that greater is the things yet to come.

4. I am intelligent and optimistic; ever hoping and ever believing in the best for and of others.

5. I love people and, fantastically, everywhere I go... there they are!

6. Through books, television and the internet I have access to the greatness of human historical endeavour and can stand on the shoulders of giants (and I do my best with that).

7. My closest friends and my family will keep me close to their hearts no matter where I go, near or far.

8. I get to hang out with cool people in Christchurch soon!

9. I'm poetic and creative, my inner world can bring me joy as much as my outer - and I like sharing that with people to see the joy in them also.

10. I am created with the skills and inclinations to make a difference in other people's lives.

I have another one to slip in there...

11. I have had the patience and opportunity to study theology, and now I am blessed with the solemn and awesome privalege of communicating something of God to people in my life (whatever form that may take).