Thursday, July 16, 2009



I have them.  I am a sucker for freckles, heck, even my own!

I have only three projects in the offing currently.  A neck warmer for me mum, nearish completion.  A vest/cardigan for myself, nearish to beginning (i.e. I have a pattern) and a new hat for me sister.  I'm going to make the same one as I made myself because I'm totally loving the pattern. Here it is in the day-light:


I think it will be blue but I have today off because the Sumo has some sort of medical procedure and needs a 'caregiver', i.e. taxi driver and putter-to-bed-to-sleep-off-the-drugs-er, SO I shall visit the glorious knitting shop to find some wool worthy of my precious sister.

Mum's neck warmer is going well I believe, I'm very happy with how it looks and it's been fun knitting using my aunty's old old needles.   It's fun knitting for people I love!

I had a friend over the other night and The Sumo pulled out all the headbands and hats I'd knitted just to show them off.  I felt so loved and valued!  Nice feeling.

Last three months have been absolutely terrible for me, very dark with despair.  But, I think that things are getting better and I'm am allowing a little very precious hope to seep back in.  Not to be all dramatic or anything, but I barely survived and so it's really good to be 'unfreezing my heart' again.  Hope to be writing poetry again momentarily, so will post some over here when I do.


Helen said...

You continue to be awesome. I'm glad you are unfreezing (but I'm sorry that you've had to).

What's up with Simona?

Sharyn said...

Well, I do consider being awesome one of my main jobs! LOL, kidding. Awesome would be living in Canada...oh yes indeedy.

The Sumo has a silly stomach problem, so they are investigating to find out why she has so much heart burn and indigestion. I suspect they may discover she's actually 75 years old.