Thursday, July 09, 2009

Tugboats and Diggers

I work in a magical place called Lyttelton. It's a port town just over the hill from where I live. My window overlooks the port and, specifically, the quay where the ships come to be loaded up with logs. It's magic! I love watching the ships come in, with the tugs nudging them safely into place. I love watching the cranes loading the logs (ever so slowly) onto the ship. I love watching the little yellow trucks perched on the logs, on the ship, organising the logs neatly into place.

It's the best view a girl could ask for.

Today was exciting because usually the log ships are already in when I arrive, they must come in first thing, but today one came in at 10:00! So I got to watch it!

Now I am looking out my window at the loading going on, it's a good distraction on what is otherwise a rubbish day work wise.

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