Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Fountain Fountain

Feelin' better today thank goodness, although work was super stressful.  Went to yoga last night and it was just so HARD.  I am really flexible, by far the most flexible in the class.  But I am just terrible at balancing, honestly, ridiculously bad.  And I'm not very strong either.  It's so annoying because no-one notices that I can do the flex stuff but man, they can see when I wobble around and fall spectacularly over.  SHAME!  But it's gooooood for me, good to learn to do something for the joy of it, not to be the best.  Not that yoga was that joyful last night, painful yes!  

I did just make the best cookies - peanut butter and chocolate chip.  Aren't they lovely?

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Deb said...

I'm glad you feeling better! I want the receipe for those cookies oh or you to bake a batch for me!! They look yum. I like the sound of using peanut butter, cause I hate the texture of actual peanuts in cookies!