Thursday, February 11, 2010

Giveaway! Free-Ness! **Post Edit**

So it's my first giveaway, and I'm just so excited! I hope you are to.

Would you like this cutesy red heart?

Would you? I knitted it just for you.

Will you put it in your house?

Will you add it to some collection of goodness somewhere?

Well, then I suggest you post a wee comment telling me who you love. And that will get you one entry. AND if you become a follower, that will give you two more entries.

Please note, un-following and re-following me is frowned upon.

I'll do the draw on Valentines Day. New Zealand Valentines day.


*Thanks Rob Bell.
**Please Note: All are welcome to enter - I'm more than happy to post said heart all over the globe.


Deb said...

Pick me pick me! I follow, I follow I do.

I love you, my sister, my friend. I love the fact that we love the same things, are soft about the edges and make cool stuff that each other wants!

Anonymous said...

or me...I want it. yes I do. and it'd save you postage too

the sumo

Anonymous said...

Pick me Pick me.

Princess Sophia.

Heather said...

Oh this is so cute...
I love my dear hubby Aaron, and my 2 darling little girls, Katie & Gracie.

Jen said...

Im a regular reader of Debs blog

I love my 3 children :) :) :)

Rachelle said...

i have just found your blog via your sister. i'm a newie blogger so i'm always following, leaving comments (it has taken over my life!!!!!!!)

Anonymous said...

Puff puff am i too late??? Am I??
Pick ME xxxxxxxxxx
Your beautiful mother :)