Sunday, February 14, 2010

On being domestic, and picking a winner!

And that winner is Heather! Thanks for visiting Heather! I'll email you for your details tomorrow. A lovely heart will be on its way to you, one of these!

Well, it's been quite the domestic weekend. The knitting and stitching of the hearts, of course, each of which will find a happy home this week, in celebration of Valentines Day.

On Saturday I got up and did the grocery shopping and decided I would make basil pesto and then make my own pasta from scratch. And I did! Thanks to Jamie Oliver's instructions. It was great fun! Definitely need to invest in a pasta machine to avoid the painful and not entirely succesful rolling of the pasta, but it was quite beautiful even if it was on the chunky side.

Doesn't it look just delicious?


I suspected as much. Love the colours.

Anyway, that was followed by peach, rhubarb and blackberry crumble. Lunch on Sunday was roast chicken with all the trimmings, including stuffing just exactly as my Mum makes it. And scones for tea. Half plain, half date. The Sumo, perversely, hates dates but loves date scones.

I had a wonderful weekend, actually, I so enjoyed taking the time to make good food.

Happy Valentines day! My life is full to the brim of wonderful people who love me, and I know it. I used to believe that singleness = loneliness but after a life of singleness, I can tell you that's simply not true. I have found a community of love to belong to, and I've been given a true friend who is my absolute match. I have wonderful sisters and parents who believe in me and adore me. Life is chockablock full of sweetness, even in the places where pain lives. Sumo, Deb, Odette, Jo, Mum & Dad, Juls, Helen, Danielle & Shaun, Paul and Anne, Chrissy, James, Rubs, Annie, David, Tahu - you fill my life with love.

This last year, I have sat with Death and I have learned about life. It's this:

Love. Simple.


Corrina said...

Everything looks scrumptious. Well done you.

Helen said...

You guys are dorks. And I love you. And miss you. Even from 10km away.

I also want all of your food.