Tuesday, July 26, 2005


I have been thinking about dying recently, although not in a morbid way. I had this moment the other day when I realised that one day my body would die, but I would live on. So perhaps there will be this moment when I realise that I'm dead. WEIRD. And what to do? Where to go? Will it be obvious? Will I know what I'm supposed to be? Or will it be like being born, and will I just get taken somewhere and given something to do?

Strange thoughts, they make me excited in a weird way.


Aaron said...

couldn't really see you as a blond sharyn

Sharyn said...

Aha well it took a while, but I got there.

Iain said...

And, if you're dead and in Heaven, will you need a Bible anymore? You won't need to do any more evangelising, or kids programmes, or community outreaches. What else won't we need to do? What will we do instead?

Will there be a debating team, or does that count as arguing, and is arguing bad?

And if there will be a new heaven and a new earth, where will we live? Will God live with us, or will God live in the new heaven? Will we be able to visit that new heaven?

Will everybody be able to speak the same language? What about celebrating cultural diversity, still possible?

Will we be perfect? If we are perfect, then will we be all the same - and if not does that mean that there is more than one way of being perfect?

If we live forever, and we like exploring, then will we be able see all of the new heaven and new earth? Does that mean there won't be anything new to see after a while?

Karen said...

I always think of it a bit like this. Waking each morning in heaven with amnesia of what we did yesterday except knowing we had an amazing time. All being accepted and loved for who we are but all the same while being different. Never reaching the end of what there is in heaven. We will spend all our time praising God and in true worship with our Creator.I think we will finally understand the true meaning of resting and just being - enjoying everything to the max!!

There will be no more arguing or debating cos we won't need to as we will finally all have the whole truth revealed to us and we will finally all be right for the first time in our lives. I think I will miss debating but I also know that with debating comes hurt when everyone else doesn't see it my way so at least that would be gone.

I also often wonder if I will know that I am dead when I am and if I will have any regrets and if I do whether I will soon forget that I do?

And don't forget I am sure we won't have to sleep just party and talk 24/7!

Iain said...

I want to know why there won't be any tears in heaven if we have the awareness of those friends or family members who didn't make it there.

(Assuming a non-universalist position and the existence of hell)