Sunday, July 03, 2005

Te Whenua

I've decided not to blog about my prior points just yet, they need more cogitation.

I have, however, just spent the most fantastic weekend in Kaikoura ever. I'm sure Shannon will post heaps of photos, cos man she took a few.

We went up to see Dave Dobbyn. I hardly even want to blog about it because words don't do it justice, but I shall none the less. If you check my poetry ever you will see some poetry filter through about it I am sure.

The concert was fantastic - he takes you on such a journey. His voice is so different, so untamed and so passionate. His lyrics are straight from heaven, I am sure. Suffice to say Dave Dobbyn is my all time favorite.

The landscape. Mountains and mist. Sea and waves and .....sand and deco houses and falling down baches...birds and shells and a starfish...wind in hair and songs in mouth...the land was poetry such as I will never write...the sunsets just for us...

outrageous design.


Lynne said...

I am green with envy... Dave Dobbyn AND Kaikoura, what a fabulous mix that is!

Elizabeth said...

Plus all you kids together, what fun! We've missed something Lynne and that's for sure!

A. J. Chesswas said...

I missed out on Dave, his Eltham gig sold out too quick. Reading what he said on his blog, I would have so loved to have been there. Count yourself a blessed soul :)