Tuesday, July 19, 2005

I know, it's been a while

On Sunday I moved into my first flat, and a nice one it is too. My last while at home was framed by mixed feelings. I was excited about a new era in my life, and sad for the passing one. I felt such a connection to that time of life - living with my mum and dad. It was hard to leave, even though it was exciting and good too.

I struggled with my feelings in all the days leading up to my big move, but the day dawned well for me and I felt good from then on. Dad helped me move, and it was so lovely to spend that time with him. Plus, he is the Master Trailer Packer, and I managed to get all of my worldly accumulation onto one trailer miraculously.

I have by now managed to spread myself liberally around the flat, and it is beginning to feel like a home to me. It still feels like 'playing house', but I guess reality will sink in soon enough!

Also, Uni has started back, a new term and three new papers. They are all extremely interesting (to me) and usefully interrelated. I am VERY excited about the track my study is on, and feel hopeful about my future wherever it ends up going.

Thanks for checking back! I will hopefully be posting more regularly again, especially when I get my computer set up at home...


Iain said...

Yaaay, a post... a real, actual post.

Congratumalations on entering the world of flatting.

An ancient irish proverb says:

May strife and discord never enter your flat meetings and may your chores-wheel always spin true.

It sounds like it's been fun, better than being sick, like me, for the last three days.

amy said...

Yah for you going flatting girl! Nice flat it is to. Needed some girling up! Look forward to some good times 'at the flat'

A. J. Chesswas said...

Good to see you back on the blog Sharyn. So what papers are you doing?