Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Harry Potter

This monday I woke up very late for Uni. Very late. I was extremely tired and so attired mineself in a pair of Warehouse TrackPants, Chucks, an Old Tee Shirt and... da dum....A Harry Potter Hoodie. (Several sizes to large).

Of to Uni I trot and therein I find myself remembering that this is a COMS class. People who take COMS aspire to News Anchor, Television Reporter and other highly visible careers. (Apart from a lowly few who want to hide themselves away in research positions.). Everyone wears makeup and label clothing.

I felt so extremely mortified by this sudden realisation. And it uncovered in me a deeper insecurity. I take so much esteem from clothes. I don't just wear nice clothes because I like them, but because I think that without them people wont like me. I always wear what I consider to be cool. Very rarely (if ever) do I allow myself a Harry Potter Hoodie Day. I think partly this is because I never get compliments unless I am wearing something new. People never say "you look nice" to me, they say "nice top" or something along those lines. Because I'm quite big size wise and pretty ordinary looking, I compensate by buying clothes all the time (except in my currently poverty stricken state).

Anyway, I was rather challenged by this realisation.

It was good for me to have to just be myself, minus my mask.


::Shannon:: said...

how gorgeous you are my friend! or as you once so vividly told me (and was recorded for all time) "you are very speeeeshul" i mean that. you are beautiful inside and out and maybe you should have more harry potter hoodie days so you can remember that. :)

all my love,

Mum said...

Let me tell you again about the time your beauty bought the shoppers to a halt in Farmers during a Christmas rush.......!

Elizabeth said...

.....and another thing, look at Shannon's blog and contemplate your beauty!!!

Iain said...

"You are beautiful my sweet, sweet song
You are beautiful my sweet, sweet song
You are beautiful my sweet, sweet song
And I will sing again"

~ You Are So Good To Me, Third Day