Saturday, August 06, 2005

Julian Clary

Goodbye is hard.

I said goodbye this week to two people that I have come to love in a relatively short time. I think both will be coming back, but nevertheless, its hard to be saying goodbye. Maybe this has induced my current melancholy mood.

I miss Shannon.
I miss Adam.
I feel for Lara.
I worry about my friend.

I remember that this time two years ago my world was falling apart, and the stab of humiliation still hurts.

I wish it was 4:55 and I could go home.

I wish I blogged more, I wish I had a computer at home or room for one.

End of pity party.
(melancholy is so self conscious)


Elizabeth said...

I am wired up all wrong for goodbyes too. We could be related maybe.

matt h said...

but you miss me too, don't you? :)
Sorry to hear that you not overly happy atm. Hope you feel bester soon :>

Jo said...

Goodbyes are sad. And what happened to the computer I gave you? Did you leave it at mum and dads?

Sharyn said...

Argh yiss. I hate goodbyes. Um I have the computer at Mum and Dad's at the moment because I don't know where to put it at home....Yiss I miss you Mr H.

Elizabeth said...

MR H where is that lovely man, I am growing old without him! Must be nearly hug time surely Matt.

Iain said...

ooo "melancholy and the infinite sadness"... such an awesome song.

So... contemplative.

So... melacholic.

So... sharynistic.