Tuesday, August 09, 2005


I am on the trail of good health.

Except for the pie I had for lunch, but that's only because it's the cheapest food at Uni and I had to pay a $25 library fine yesterday. (Damn those 3 hour loans).

I went for a half hour walk yesterday, at an extremely energetic pace. Plus I did 50 crunches and approximately one press up.

How long will it last?

Hopefully long enough for me to regain human form.


amy said...

Was it my 3 minute run that inspired such action??! lol

You go girl

Andrew said...

Was the $8.33per hour book worth it?

I hope you didn't colour in the pictures

andrew brown said...

hey i'm sitting here in my lounge and the fire is going, and it's so hot in here i'm down to my boxer shorts (i am the only one home ;) and i'm looking down and thinking "oh i really need to start doing crunches and pushups and a bit of walking!"

power to ya shaznackle

Elizabeth said...

You hang in there girl! The hardest part is genuinely starting.
Good on you! xx

Iain said...

I only last as long as I've got a goal.

I hope you have a target and goal.

My last goal was the Round the Bays 8km run. I managed to train for it and did the run. That was satisfying.

Only once that was over I went through a slump again. It's so easy to do! (and so hard to resist)

My next goal is my India trip, where I'll be tramping up hill and down dale with a pack on my back. I don't wanna suffer too badly for lack of exercise and preparation.

So choose a target, a quantity and a time. Make it achievable, you don't want to demoralise yourself, but make sure that you can track your progress as you go.

(your goal could be a look, a distance, a time, a weight or an anything... it's up to you)

Nuff said!