Monday, March 13, 2006

A Crazy Idea

I have this crazy idea. My idea is to start a Christian Women's Society. Every month we would meet, and have some food and listen to a speaker. Maybe we would do some fundraising, maybe some social activisim. We would have some fun events and maybe even a retreat or two. It would be a space for Christian women of all ages to meet together and hear about other Christian women's stories. It would be a space where we could support each other and pray for each other. It would be a non-denominational, non-church thing. We could swap ideas, feelings, experiences, recipes, heck even some garden tips. Older women could share with younger women and vice versa. It would not be about evangelism, although that might occur. It would not be about mentoring, although that might happen to. It would be a safe space for Christian women to be Christian women.

This is my idea.

What do you reckon? (If anyone even still reads my blog, not that I deserve it)


ElizabethB said...

I am up to my eyebrows in preparation for a Ladies Weekend, of course I like the idea! Women need friendship with women and this is a very healthy way to achieve it.
There is already an organisation doing something like this. It is called CWCI = Christian Women Communicating International. I understand Karen Wilson is on the local committee and Deirdre is certainly interested in it. If Andrew reads your blog he may draw his mothers attention to this so she can respond or maybe Deirdre will.
Now what was it Solomon said? Ah yes, 'There is nothing new under the sun,' but it was not meant as a put down I am sure.
I actually would be very interested in a city/Canterbury wide gathering so long as I dont have to organise it.
Now where was I ......

amy said...

Ahh before even reading the comments (of your wise mother), I was going to say there is such a thing - CWCI. I went along once to sing to them as an item.

Maybe something different to what you envisage?? Worth checking out thou.

Great idea!

Karen said...

Think it sounds awesome!! Good on you for dreaming of such a space.

Rayd said...

I shall talk to my mother. But in saying that, speaking for myself, I actually like the idea of christian women hanging out together and talking about issues (no it's not because i want to easedrop), I think Christian men should do the same. Ofcourse guys like to be around girls and that gives them motivation to go places, but i also think there is a time for them to get around in single sex groups and talk about specific gender issues. I wonder if there is a CMCI?

::Shannon:: said...

i'd join your women's cult. sign me up!

....well....only if we can have craft nights every now and then. :)

Iain said...

I think its a great idea.

Do it. If you took the step and turned pen-andpaper into telephones-and-rendezvous you won't find that you regret it.

I'd join too, but then again I'd have to live in Christchurch.

Oh yeah, and i'd have to be a woman ;) Oh well, its still a good idea!

Lois said...

@nd Couzie said

Here I am sitting with your Mum and Dad and your 2nd couzie's husband Bill learning about blogging and enjoying your web site. We love your sharp mind and interest in the environment. Do you know about the Gaia principle? It's a bit old hat these days however, Bill and i like the idea of being part of the organism. (Your Mother is just making sure I have spelt organisim correctly. Do you think I have?) ! Bill has requested that I close the brackets. I think he wants to move on from spelling problems. Your father has been telling us about his latest embarrassing moment in Adelaide. Nuff said.