Monday, March 13, 2006

Rice, Mice and Men

First, some pics:

Top one is me and Sumo on the waterfront in Auckland, second is me in the Melbourne Gaol and third is Sumo expressing herself at Parachute.

Haha doesn't she look ridiculous.

Love it.

(I like the top one cos it makes Simona look bigger than me, but trust me, that's just an optical illusion)


ElizabethB said...

1. Yes, I have learnt to stand half behind someone too, makes one look affectionate rather than deceitful about ones size!
2. Shucks did they have cat doors in those days too!
3. Someone taken your bubble pipe kid? or simply not put your teeth in this morning?

amy said...

Nice pic (well the top one anyway!!)

Man Sim looks grumpy... what did you do??!!!!