Monday, March 24, 2008

And odd ends and bits

I'm sitting on Simona's bed, with Simona and Jules, working on my dissertation. Well, not working on my dissertation. This week, we have to put our cat down, it's so sad. But I've really been learning a lot about coping with tough stuff. I think the best thing is to tell it to God, to give it to God and then to focus on all the good things. To distract your mind. I'm becoming rather good at it.

It's not so much about surpressing thoughts, because of course that's totally futile. It's about surrender and submission, and then just taking another path in your mind.

I'm having a God is so good phase.

Here's another piece:

That's it.
You're too good.
Your love is too good.

I feel like a pool of nothing in your enormous something.

But I'm not
I'm something to you.


That's how I'm feeling right now. God is so good.

Plus I've been thinking about vegetarianism. The problem is, I really love meat. Don't know what to think about it.


Jack said...

Sorry about your cat, that's a hard thing to do. The vegetarianism (what a word to type) thing is interesting - is that connected to the feelings you're having towards the cat? As in feeling bad about eating animals or is it for other reasons? Its a hard one - even defining 'animal' is hard, killing a fish is different to a cow. And should we value some more complex life forms over others that are less like us? We are so buffered from the reality too. I know as a kid I used to go with Dad and watch him cut the throat of sheep and gut them etc for our eating. I can't do it myself so if my conscience wont allow me to physically kill it, should I be eating it? But then if we all went vegetarian the sheep wouldnt get to have a life at all because they wouldnt be bred in the first place. Btw, I should warn you, I'm hopeless at answers, better at questions.

Sharyn said...

Lol, no, not connected to my cat. I've been studying development for a few years and there's issues there. Plus the land use and energy use arguments. Plus it does say in the Bible that God gave us the fruit and vege to eat, no mention of meat. Plus I know that meat is not all that good for us. All these things just make me wonder about it.

I definitely couldn't bring myself to physically kill an animal and I have friends who are veges (lol) because of that. But I think it's more that I'm sensitised to it because I get my meat all nicely wrapped up in plastic (bad for the environment).

It's a hard one, but one I think I should at least consider. My friend and I try to eat one vege meal per week. Kind of our contribution. Maybe my best option at this stage is to up the vege quotent in my diet. I eat quite small portions of meat anyway due to the fat content.

I too am better at questions! ;-)

Jack said...

I have friends who are veges! : )

Oh so the cat had nothing to do with it, that's why I'd be a terrible shrink.
I think you're on the right track to cut down on packaged, fatty meat if your reasons are environmental & health based. If however, you are morally opposed to it due to cruelty or Bible teachings then I think its a different matter, you'd have to become a vege - but which one : )

Sharyn said...

Lol. Um, I think I'd like to be a carrot, nice and long and thin! Lol. But more likely, some weird lumpy kumara.