Wednesday, April 02, 2008

I think i blog because i'm lonely

But I'm not really lonely. I really miss Sumo. And I really miss Alfie (the cat).

But I LOVE my job. Got my first consents to do today, so exciting. I feel like I'm going to be really good at this job. Very great feeling. Terribly difficult though, walking the line between confidence and over confidence. I'm nervous of crossing it without realising, one way or the other.


Life is so good right now, it is amazing. It does make me nervous though. Life has been good but difficult for so long, it's weird to have life be good and easy. Makes me wonder what is about to happen! Maybe it's just a new phase.

Oh gotta go watch Lost.


Sharyn said...

Just read that over - WHAT A BORING, SELF INDULGENT POST. Sorry to my two readers ;-)

Jack said...

Apology accepted, I actually think it was an honest post. I lost Lost ages ago so yeah I'm blogging cos its replaced tele for me and I find it more interesting. And my spouse is working 100hr weeks for the next month or so (is a winemaker) so yeah - an element of lonely for me too : ). Funny how its easier to surf the net alone than to watch tele alone, I reckon it must be the need to communicate. I know an old lady who stopped watching tele altogether when her hubby died, because the main drawcard had been discussing what was on with someone.

amy said...

Make that 3! Shesh I haven't read blogs for aaaaaaages, just happened to come on & walaaa you're still blogging :) sorry to hear about alphie. that suxs. on a brighter note Congrats on finishing!!!! must feel GREAT

Simona said...

Hey AMZ! Long time no see. Thanks for stopping by! I've been indulging myself by blogging LOL. But no terrible debates about crappy things are going to occur. This is going to be a nice friendly blog! How are you doing? The big change about to occur???

And Jack, I totally concur re tv. Must be tough having your spouse there but not there. A winemaker! What a cool job!!!

Sharyn said...

Oops was logged in as Simona!

Anonymous said...

Oh my! YOu had me thinking next blog I read will be SIMONA'S! Enjoy your freedom you deserve it. there is a mind shift between lonliness and freedom and sometimes it is only a tiny step. I let lonliness become freedom because it gives me space for choices. ENJOY!