Monday, June 09, 2008

Whingy moany whiney blog

Yes, I know it was.  Self-pity is my speciality.

BUT just to prove I'm not totally bereft of common-sense I have signed up for Weight Watchers to try and sort my self out.


(So I had chocolate fudge pudding for tea).


deb said...

gosh you are funny! Good luck and best wishes xxxxx

Anonymous said...

hey Sharon... tis Salena from school here. Love your blog, you write the way I remember you which is awesome! Good to know I'm not the only one doing WW either, I'm still battling the bulge too.

Take care xx

Karen said...

Saw a nice pic on you on your Mum's blog. Despite it being winter you were looking good!

Anita said...

Hey Shaz!! I'm starting WW again too, starting today, in fact!! I heard that you have joined the gym. I, too have a multipass so will join you some time!!!!!

Sharyn said...

Yay Anita! That is exciting! I'm so back on the wagon.

Sharyn said...

Hello Salena! Freaking good to hear from you!